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Mar 30, 2020

Can a color become intoxicated? Can a Victorian play a proper April Fool's prank? Does Watson have an echo . . . echo . . . echo? All that, another woman with the initials "M.M." in Watson's life, and nobody singing except our theme! What more could you ask of a weekly Watsonian podcast!

Mar 25, 2020

In this special episode, we get to hear a little tale for you to listen to in a room that doesn't often get much Sherlockian attention, even though some enthusiasts do decorate it appropriately. Paul Thomas Miller gets all the credit this time out, so fans of the Shingle of Southsea finally get a chance to see what a...

Mar 23, 2020

What is Watson on about this week? How about Thorneycroft Huxtable? We all like Thorneycroft Huxtable, right? Leave the world behind and wander Watsonland with us for a whole fifteen minutes or so. 

Mar 21, 2020

This article from the May 1986 issue of "Wheelwrightings" picks out an odd phrase in Watson's list of Holmes's shortcomings in "A Study in Scarlet," and ponders his attempts at gardening.

Mar 19, 2020

In the first trial of some specials for the isolated Watsonians out there, we present the work of one Arminius Detweiller, an essay about Watson's greatest accomplishment, or lack of same.