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Apr 24, 2023

It may sound like bull pup Maddie stayed at 221B Con, like bull pup Buck was affected forever by someone he met there, and that robots are replacing podcast cast members, but have no fear! We'll see if we can fix all that by next week's podcast, so enjoy this very special episode of the Watsonian Weekly. (But aren't...

Apr 17, 2023

Other podcasts do some of their best recording at cons. Many have done great episodes from 221B Con in Atlanta. The Watsonian Weekly, however, dares to find members of the John H. Watson Society at their most un-recordable and call it a podcast! Cover the ears of any impressionable youth nearby, because no one needs the...

Apr 10, 2023

What does a Dutch writer have to do with Watson's biggest date night? This episode wanders where no Watsonian podcast has wandered before, since it's the week before 221B Con and we're just a bit mad with excitement. And there's Watson news. So listen!

Apr 3, 2023

Going from bull pup Buck's take on Watson dancing to bull pup Maddy's deep Watson dive with Ray Betzner to bull pup Roxie's sonnet on our main man, this episode takes a while and might actually be worth the overtime!  Get ready to spend some quality time with Watson!