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Jan 27, 2020

This week there's a whole lot of news about Watson's, Mopsy whispers a word, Buck finds a new Christmas beverage, Samson spies Watson's French connection, and Calder is always fascinated by anyone who gets to eat breakfast at Baker Street. All that and more (There's a robot!) so give us a "View-halloa!" and listen in.

Jan 19, 2020

It's our first annual Watsonian Weekly Watson Awards show! All the things you'd expect from an awards show with a lot less! And, as always, all about the Watson!

Jan 12, 2020

Who was the guy Watson just found a waste of space from first sight? Just finding out is unpleasant. But you can toughen up with an iron constitution first and relax with Ian Fleming when it's over. All that, and maybe we see if the Mandalorian really needs a Watson. Or maybe not. But it's mostly about Watson, as always!

Jan 5, 2020

The new year starts with a few changes to the Watsonian Weekly, but a bit of a rush job, so you might have to forgive a bit.