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Jun 28, 2021

The usual features, plus a whole lot of discussion from the latest meeting of the John H. Watson Society about Watson's younger days. And Mongooses. And washing machine noise. It's the WATSONIAN WEEKLY!

Jun 21, 2021

This week's Watson of the Week takes an extended look at the two Watsons who spun off into their own series, but before that, you get Watson trying to put a too-small hat on, and more of his reading material. You could ask for more, but you'll have to come back next week to get it!

Jun 14, 2021

It's an okay episode. Watson is okay. 

Jun 6, 2021

Bull Pup Calder leans heavily on the rest of the Bull Pack this week, and you have to sit through Clark Russell right off the bat, but for you, our most loyal fan, here's your weekly dose of Watson!